Tuesday, November 17, 2009


103 classes in 99 days.

Maybe this is karma at work. After my last blog complaining about being "stuck" at a certain level, I never would have expected my class today. One of the best ever.

It started early on, in the first backbend. During the backbend, an amazing feeling came over me. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it, but it was an incredible calm and clarity. Everything slowed down. I didn't even feel anything in the room or on my body. It wasn't numb, because that's not good, but it was more like me just telling my body what to do, like controlling a puppet.

After this epiphany, if you will, I then proceeded to go deeper than EVER before in about the next six postures. In Standing Bow Pulling, I refused to come out the posture when the teacher (Sheri) said "change." The whole class just stood there and waited for a few seconds until I felt like coming out of the posture. I told Sheri after class I was just having too much fun and didn't want to come out of the posture! In Standing Head to Knee, I got my elbows below my calf muscles for the first time ever, and again I didn't want to come out of that posture either.

This is one of those classes where I think to myself, "Bikram is so right. This stuff is magic." Of course, I'll probably be chasing this feeling again for the next 100 days, but I know it's there, and if that's not motivation enough to continue, I don't know what is.



  1. Love, Love, Love classes like that! You walk out of there on cloud 9. So great.

  2. Power beyond measure. That's the name of a post I wrote once when I felt just like you felt during this practice. Yes, it's awesome. Yes, you will chase the dragon so to speak. The nice thing is you'll feel it again, only it will be different, but just as good. This yoga just keeps getting better and better!

  3. I am new to your blog but I read about you @ BYchick's. You are an inspiration. 103 classes in 99 days. Another, wow ;-)

    Congratulations!!! Gotta love those moments of clarity. I felt that way once during toe stand. I was in perfect balance and harmony and didn't feel like moving onto the next pose.

  4. Thanks Cirita! I'm following your blog now too. Good stuff!