Monday, November 9, 2009

A Relative Day at the Beach

95 classes in 91 days!

Ah, Mondays. I used to hate Mondays, but now I look forward to them! Why? Because it's back to my usual 5 PM classes instead of the odd weekend schedule I do. Plenty of time all day to let my body loosen up, drink lots of water, etc. So I looked forward to my class all day, and I was not disappointed.

The room felt cold when I walked in. Of course it wasn't really cold, but that's how it usually feels to me Monday-Friday. Like I'm in Santa Monica or something. Today was one of those days when it's not a series of 26 postures, but one long and flowing class. Just the way I like it. Lots of new faces in there tonight, which I always like to see, and everything went smooth.

This is one of these classes where afterwards I have to remind myself not to get too arrogant or complacent because of how well things went. But I don't have to worry about that, because tomorrow Sheri is teaching. She's back from a trip the past few weeks and it most definitely won't be a day at the beach for me tomorrow. She knows my skill level backwards and forward and she pushes me hard. I'll have more about this tomorrow for sure...



  1. I know Sheri. I've taken her class. Many times. Drink lots of water boyfriend...and get lots of sleep. You're in for a beating. (God I'm jealous!)

  2. Sounds very familiar! Mondays are my favorite classes too. Hands down. By the time 6:30p rolls around my body is fueled, loose and ready to go. It's a challenging class with Mimi but LOVE it! Least favorite? ...Sunday AM of course! Enjoy the day :)