Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fire Walker

89 classes, 85 days. Today I had my first class with the actual studio owner. She normally teaches mornings, so it was fun to finally get to take one of her classes. It was quite an experience. It looked like a war zone in there today. People dropping left and right, and I'm talking about the front row! Four people left the room at different points, including another teacher (!). First time I've ever seen that.

But you know what? I didn't miss a beat. Didn't sit out anything, just keep on rolling. And yes, I thought it was hot, real hot, but it didn't stop me today. After class I found out we topped off at 109 degrees with 65% humidity(!), plus she didn't open the doors once like most teachers. Just the fans a few times. I'll say this much, I sure was more flexible thanks to all that humidity :)


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