Monday, November 23, 2009

Smooth Sailing

109 classes in 105 days.

Very smooth class tonight. I was able to do pretty well in the floor series, which is always a goal of mine for every class. Bikram says the real yoga is done on the floor, so I'm happy when I can reach good depth in the floor series. The measuring stick for a good class for me or a not so good one is the floor series. It could probably be 125 degrees in the room, and I'll get through the floor series Ok. Not that it's easy, but for me, a lot of the floor poses are trickier, and when I get too hot, some of them become nearly impossible. It's funny, because near the end of standing series, the teachers often say that "we're almost on the floor", as if that's something really exciting. But if I'm really hot, I don't get excited about laying down. When I do, my body just thinks, "Oh good, we can go to sleep!"

Oh, one more quote I forgot to put in yesterday: (Teacher, in Locust pose): "Put your face on the towel, kiss the towel, tongue optional."



  1. Tongue optional. That's GOOD stuff! I have GOT to know who said that. Text or facebook me please! Hilarious!
    Thanks for the happy birthday wishes!

  2. It's 8:30am, I'm tired from a tough class last night and that quote just made me SMILE! Funny stuff!

  3. I am totally the opposite. The measuring stick for a good class is the standing series. I find them trickier. There is nothing more challenging for me than Standing head to knee :(

    Funny quote!! Yesterday, my teacher said something very funny too. During awkward pose, 2nd part, "Cira, what are you afraid of. This is not an Indian toilet. Go down"