Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thoughts in Class Today

91 classes in 87 days.

Everyday in class various random thoughts come into my head. I thought I'd try to share some of these. I'll try to keep these in some sort of order. Obviously I don't remember everything. It's not like I can take notes during class!

(Beginning of class): "Good temperature today. Pretty full class."

(During Eagle Pose): "Am I ever going to get my left foot to wrap around!?"

"I wonder if I'll get home in time to watch the end of the Cavs-Bulls game?"

"Who's this girl next to me? I've never seen her before, but she's really good."

(During Standing Bow): "Hey, that point Dray mentioned yesterday in class works really well. I'm getting my leg up faster!"

(During Balancing Stick): "Why are so many people around me coming out of the posture early?"

"I'm the only man in the room wearing yoga shorts."

"What's wrong with my hamstrings!?"

"Is it possible for steam to actually bounce off a mirror?"

(During Triangle): "I'm doing the posture correctly, but for some reason my hands appear to be 20 feet away from my toes. Why is this?"

(After standing series): "Michelle (the teacher) just opened the door, and it smells like peppermint."

"I think I want some Jamba Juice."

"I wonder how the first-timer in the back is doing?"

(During Locust, first part): "The guy behind me is like 60 years old, and he's getting his leg up higher than me!"

(After someone loudly said something to the teacher): "Who is this guy and why is he yelling?"

(During Full Locust): "I don't want to do Bow pose next."

(During Bow pose): "This is going better than I thought it would."

(For the next 15 minutes, a rap song from about 7 years ago is going through my head)

(During Camel): "I can't believe the girl behind me came out early. She's normally much better than me."

(During Rabbit): "My head hurts."

(During Stretching): "Ok, I'm hot now. Where are the fans!?"

(End of Class): Nothing, clear head. Serenity :)



  1. Oh my God! That was great. I can absolutely relate. How about this one... "Why are all those water bottles making so much noise? And why are these people chugging water?" Haha...It's so funny all the things that pop into our heads over the course of 90 minutes. And it's funny that most of my thoughts seem rational in the room but later I'm like "what the heck was I thinking!" Have a great day!

  2. That was SOOO funny! Love it! I'm the same way, strange little tidbits floating in and out of my mind during class. Conversations with ourselves! awesome!

  3. Thanks guys! Yes, we all have random thoughts, part of the fun of each class! Just like I never know how my body will respond, I never know what strange thoughts will pop into my head!