Saturday, November 7, 2009


Two classes since my last blog, Friday at 5 and Saturday (today) 9 AM. So that's 93 classes in 89 days since I started.

This morning in class I was struck by a man behind me. He was older, probably in his 60's, and was struggling very hard with the postures, and couldn't even get into the set up in all of them. But you know what? He was working hard and didn't sit out anything. It was great to see actually.

I'm often more inspired by people like this, than people that have been practicing for years. It just shows me how anyone really can do this yoga and benefit from it, regardless of their age, shape, etc. I could care less what the people in the room look like or how well they can do the postures. I admire and respect everyone who does this. They all inspire me.



  1. Me too. Those kinds of people are often my favorite.

    Of course, if they stick with it, eventually they will BECOME the people who have been doing it for years, and they will still rock. ;-) But there is definitely a special place in my heart for the beginners.

    The most beautiful thing to me is seeing people who are maybe older, maybe injured, little bit stiff, little bit weak, doing ALL THE POSTURES the RIGHT WAY. That is the magic.

  2. Yes! I think about that all the time when I look around the room. It's great to see them get stronger and more confident day by day. Today we had a visually impaired man in our class. He did awesome. He really had to listen to the dialogue. I was amazed by his determination. He did not take one single break. Awesome.