Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Return of the Queen

96 classes in 92 days!

Sheri's back! One of my favorite teachers returned after being out of town for the past two weeks, and she didn't disappoint. Of course, she managed to start off the class by putting me under some pressure. There was a new guy behind me and Sheri told him to watch me in the front row! Obviously I wasn't going to be slacking off today after that! Also, in the middle of the standing series she asked me if I thought it was hot yet. I told her it was Ok. She then proceeded to tell the class that if I had thought it was hot, she would have actually been concerned it was too hot. But since I said it was Ok, she wasn't worried. This produced moans and groans from a few people :)

Future teachers take note: The reason I like Sheri so much is her ability to note the little things in postures to correct. Her observation is simply spectacular. In tonight's class, she pointed out about 4 little things in some of my postures that made a huge difference. It's always the little things that make the biggest impact, and it takes a very good teacher to notice the little things, and correct the student.

Oh by the way, the humidity was over 60% by the end of class, and yes I thought it was hot at that point. :)



  1. 60%=hot. Gotta love the front row!

  2. Greg~ You know Sandy (Richard M, but he goes by Sandy), older guy, balding? He goes all of the time at 5 and knows you. He works with me, and yes, I am responsible for his addiction. :)
    I LOVE corrections. I tend to get complacent without them. That's why I miss Brandy so very much. She had an eye like a hawk and I couldn't get away with anything when she was teaching. Phew! I was always spent after her class, in a good way!

  3. Yeah, I definitely know Sandy! That's cool you guys work together. He's a great inspiration actually, given his knee problems. He's there a lot and works hard.

    I've had Brandy teach a few times. She's incredible. One time she was practicing and another student fainted! So the teacher (John) had to go over and help the guy who fainted. So without missing a beat, Brandy jumped up and started teaching the next few postures!