Monday, November 30, 2009


117 classes in 112 days.

The title of my blog says it all. Solid class tonight, but my right leg, from the waist all the way to the toes is in pain. It started on Sunday and got much worse tonight. I couldn't straighten it at all for a few minutes on the floor series. It hurt to walk after class, it hurt driving home, it hurts now. I'm assuming (hoping) it's my body getting deeper and deeper into things. It's funny, because tonight I feel like I did after my first few classes. Not only is my leg sore, but other parts of my body are sore.

I'm starting to understand this yoga is cyclic. What goes around comes around. Soreness, adversity, struggle, then bliss, a new plateau, then it starts all over again:) I will tell you something that's really cool. Despite the pain, I had a solid class. If you were watching me, you probably wouldn't have noticed. I try to keep my focus even through pain, although I've had my moments of yoga drama too.

So I'm assuming this new wave of pain will equal some major progress in the near future. Let's hope so...



  1. Greg...just make sure to listen to your body. :)

  2. I have gone through that cycle so many times. Ugh. My knees, my elbows, one time my lower back. I guess we are like an onion, peeling back layers of old injuries. Like traci said...listen to your body. :)

  3. Time to take just 1 day off? ok, I already know the answer "NO WAY"

  4. No days off until I have to go out of town for Christmas. And that's not even really by choice. I happen to be going somewhere with no Bikram:(

  5. As part of Obama's health reform, he should sponsor the opening of a Bikram Yoga studio in every major city in the US. Everyone would be healthier and happier!! :) I am also spending Xmas in a city that doesn't have a Bikram studio :( Not very thrilled about my 2 week vacation anymore :(