Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time Off for Yoga

116 classes in 111 days.

No blog for the past few days. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Despite not blogging for a few days, I've been busy with Bikram. I'll recap each day.

Thursday, 11 AM: I wasn't sure if this class would have a lot of people in it, considering it was Thanksgiving, but boy was I wrong. It was stuffed with people. My studio only offered a 7 AM, 9 and 11 that day. So I guess a lot of people wanted to get in their yoga before they stuffed themselves with food! Pretty solid class, although it was really hot, as it often is when the room is filled with people.

Friday, 9 AM: Ok, so check this out. Technically, my work is open on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but for what I do specifically, there's not a lot for me to do, when lots of other people are off work. I deal with clients and various companies, so if they're not available, it's a little dumb for me to come to work. Anyways, I decided to take a half a day off work on Friday. And do you know why? So I could sleep in? Do some shopping? Nope. It's so I could do a double on Friday! Hehe.

I did the 9 AM, and it sucked for a couple of reasons. One, my muscles were unusually tight, even for a morning class. Maybe it was the turkey the day before. Who knows? The other reason it sucked was the teacher. I rarely have complaints about teachers, but this was a visiting teacher, and frankly he just wasn't very good. He basically just said the dialogue and sounded bored doing it. I understand if you are visiting and don't know the names of students, but there were a number of really obvious major errors I saw people making on postures, and this guy didn't correct any of it. Disappointing. But anyways...

Friday, 5 PM: This was my second class of the day, and the normal time slot I do. It was much better than the 9 AM. Partially because of the time of day, and partially because one of my usual and favorite teachers was there. I didn't really feel the effects of doing the double, which was nice. Believe it or not, all the other doubles I've done are back to back. This is the first time I've split up a double in different parts of the day. Gives me an idea for doing this on Saturdays every now and then...

Also, later that night I met a girl who has done a few Bikram classes in other studios. I talked to her about Green Valley and she said she'll drop by this week. I have a few free passes I could give to her. Maybe I can make another Bikram fanatic! :)

Saturday 1 PM: Ok, I felt the double here. I basically did 3 classes in a 28 hour period, so something was bound to give. Not that I sat out postures or anything, but it wasn't exactly smooth sailing. Marie taught, and now that she's learned my name, she doesn't hesitate to use it! I love corrections, but sometimes I'd rather be invisible. No such luck on Saturday.

Sunday, 3 PM: Probably my best Sunday class ever. J gave me some very good advice about my weekend classes and it paid off today. Not the advice about the time, J, but the other stuff:) It certainly helped that I had a new person behind me and to my left, and teacher Sheri to my right. Sheri threatened to kick me again like last week if I slacked off. But, she didn't have to kick me. It felt like a normal weekday class and I was happy. I even held Camel longer than usual. A few of our teachers like to hold Camel for a minute in the second set. It's a nice challenge.

Overall, my holiday weekend was stuffed with yoga, and I couldn't be happier:)


  1. Sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving!! Our studio only offered one class on Thursday. It was crazy, the hottest ever!!

    Wow, 116 classes in 111 days. Very impressive and so inspiring!! I want to try a back to back class too!!

  2. 9am Friday Comment: I agree. It seems to me the teacher sets the tone for many students in the class. If they're not motivating and really into the class, well, the students won't be either. Happy you had such a great few days! I think you are motivating me to try a double soon :)

  3. Your a bikram maniac! I love it! Glad your double worked out so well for you. Now onto the triple.... :)

  4. Michelle, don't give him any ideas, he will do it!! Haha. Glad the advice was helpful! Will reply to your other message later tonight... :)