Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dray's New Studio, Bikramyogachick and Rain(!)

98 classes in 94 days!

All kinds of fun things happened today. First, I went to Dray's new studio. Dray was the teacher of the first two classes I ever took and he's a large reason I kept coming back. He really cares about each of his students and I think it's awesome he opened up his own studio. There are now four in Vegas. As far as I'm concerned, there could be 100 here!

Second, I got to meet Michelle (Bikramyogachick), who's blog inspired me to write my own! We practiced together up front. You can tell she's been practicing for a few years. She's very focused and doesn't mess around. Just the type of person I like to practice next to. I've practiced next to all kinds of people, including people that fidget a lot, loud breathing, etc. I can deal with it (I've even had people fall into me), but it's much more fun to be next to a dedicated and focused person. Yay Michelle!

Class itself was fine. They're still trying to work out the heat in the room, but it warmed up Ok as the class went on. Not sure it will ever get up to the (slightly insane) level that I like it:)

Finally, apparently it rained while class was going on! I came outside and it had definitely rained. For non-Vegas people, trust me, this is a big deal. It literally only rains a few days a year here, and even then it's usually only for a few minutes. And it even rained for about a minute while I was driving home. This probably sounds silly to Boston people:)

Anyways, back to Green Valley, my usual studio tomorrow. Although I'm sure Michelle and I will practice together again in the near future...



  1. aw, that is very sweet! Thank you Greg! It was an honor to practice next to you. I LOVE practicing next to quiet, focused yogis. The shared energy is inspiring! And yes, we will practice together again!

  2. Dray is one of the best teachers around. I miss him, but he's not far and we can visit...

  3. All you Vegas peeps are so cute. I can't wait for April!! :)

  4. Haha! I will be more than happy to send the rain west to you guys in Vegas. While I'm at it I'll be sure to send some of the snow over there too :). Looks like our entire Saturday here is going to a soaker. I do remember when I lived in California how excited people would get for a rainy day. Just plain funny. :) Enjoy the weekend!