Monday, November 2, 2009


88 classes in 84 days, and today was MUCH better than yesterday's disaster. It started off rough, and I swear it was actually hotter today than yesterday. But I found my groove and had a very good class. I went deeper than ever in Camel (not one of my better postures), so I was very surprised and happy about that! Yesterday in class I couldn't even do Camel.

All is good in the world tonight. It's amazing how much a poor class will stick my attention. I thought about it all day, but we're all good now. Maybe I'll do a double tomorrow :)



  1. People ask me "how can you enjoy Bikram? It's the same postures, in the same order, with the same dialog everyday!". I always just smile at them. It's never the same. Everyday is different. Some days you get your ass handed to you, and others you are surfing your breathe, feeling like a rubbery flexible yogi. You never know what you are going to get in that room, no matter how diligently you prepare.
    Ahhh. Bliss!

  2. Indeed. The postures are NEVER the same, as you know. What's funny is that it doesn't matter how yesterday's class went or even how I feel during the day. It's always a mystery how each posture will go. One of the things that keeps me coming back for more...

  3. 88 classes in 84 days-wow! That is Bikram commitment right there. Love it when you find your groove and just totally rock out in class, it always makes the next class seem like less of a hideously tall hurdle!