Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Day Off?

97 classes in 93 days!

No, I didn't take a day off today, but you'll see why I put that as the title of my post today. Last night, Joseph Encinia, 2009 National Asana Champion, taught our 5 PM class. He's touring around the world with Courtney Mace, the 2009 International Champion. He did a few demonstrations for us, including Scorpion, a crazy looking advanced posture. If you're not familiar, it's basically a handstand and then bending your legs down forward and resting your feet on your head! And he did it effortlessly.

Throughout class, he demonstrated a few of the "normal" postures for us as well, including a fantastic locust pose, with his legs 90 degrees straight up! He gave great suggestions and tips as well.

After class I was talking to him about different postures and I mentioned I've done 97 classes in 93 days and he laughed and said I should take a day off! Not until December...

Today I'll be checking out Dray's new studio in Red Rock and seeing Michelle. Should be fun!



  1. Can't wait! Miss taking Dray's class. It will be fun!!

  2. Seen pics of his postures...amazing! Have fun at class today guys!