Thursday, November 19, 2009

Digging in the Dirt

105 classes in 101 days.

Not everyday is exciting in class. I thought of an analogy that fits what happened today, but I'll get to that shortly. I had all kinds of weird things going on with my body today. First, a few days ago I managed to get a nasty bump on my head during Savasana. A woman was very close behind me and kept hitting my feet with her hands when doing the sit ups. So I was moving further back on my mat and on one of the Savasanas I laid down and hit my head on the floor, instead of my mat. Ouch. So my head was hurting all class, and still does. Then I was just sore in general throughout class, with all kinds of strange parts of my body hurting. On top of that, I actually thought it was too hot tonight. It happens. The humidity was over 70%, which makes me sluggish more than anything else. I didn't have to sit out anything, but I felt kinda blah the whole class.

So here's my analogy. It's kind of like digging in the ground for something. You'll dig dirt for a while and it goes smoothly, but once in a while you'll hit some rocks. Now it doesn't mean you've gone backwards, but you do have to handle the rocks to keep digging. These rougher days are like hitting the rocks. You just have to blast though them, but it's not a "bad" day when you hit them. You're just digging deeper. Not the most exciting description, but it works for me :)



  1. You did know when you wrote this post that we would all immediatley have the Peter Gabriel song stuck in our heads, right? Just sayin'....
    Nice analogy. I've been hitting some rocks the past few days. Hope to blast through them soon! Have a great weekend...

  2. Good job noticing the song title:) I still can't get over the 70% humidity, highest I've seen yet.

  3. That... is actually an excellent analogy. :)

    Gets much more humid than that, and it's gonna start to rain! Humidity is hit and miss, but I think it depends a lot on whether you're used to it. We used to have long weeks of super humid classes in the summer in Boston, and after a while my lungs just got used to it. I felt like I could breathe under water if I'd wanted to.

  4. Greg~ one time it was 69% at the rainbow studio when Sumach was teaching. Have you seen him? Has long dreadlocks. Reggi and I crack up about that day because Sumach was standing up there, dripping like crazy from his dreads while teaching a hugely energic class. He looked like a deranged holyman. It was classic. Love him to death. Take his class if you get the chance!