Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Taste the Pain

111 classes in 107 days.

"What would rather have? 10 seconds of pain or 10 years? 90 minutes of pain or 90 years? - Bikram

The above is something Bikram said when I took a class from him. Our teachers have repeated it many times. Today my lower back was in pain in class, and it's still quite sore. And you know what? I love it, absolutely love it. I've been making good progress on various postures, especially ones related to the lower back, and it hurts. I've pushing further in postures and my back is feeling it. But it makes me feel like I'm progressing, like I'm alive. The real pain is just in class when doing the postures. Afterwards, I'm just sore. Soreness is a lot better than pain in life, believe me. I've had real back pain before, 24 hours a day. It makes live unlivable. So the fact that I'm sore makes me happy. I'm making good progress.

Here's another quote from Bikram. It's paraphrased, except for the last sentence:)

"You know I get all kinds of people coming to me with problems. Different body problems, things hurt, can't walk, emotional problems, whatever. And I have the solution. You know what that solution is? Lock the fucking knee!"


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Back pain...yep, know it well. Use to live with it every single single of the day. I don't take pain meds so I learned to just manage it. Bikram has made my back stronger and healthier. Oh sure I still feel some pain but NOTHING like it was. Enjoy your day!