Thursday, January 7, 2010


153 classes in 149 days.
6 classes in 6 days.

Tonight Dray taught. He was a regular teacher at my studio, but then moved to open up his own studio in another part of town. That's the studio bikramyogachick goes to. The studio is closed right now for some repairs. Dray happens to be the teacher of the first two classes I ever took, so he will always be special to me just because of that.

Because of his own studio, Dray hasn't taught in Green Valley in at least a month, so it was a nice change to have him yesterday. Not taking his class for a while made me notice some differences he has from other teachers. Not bad by any means, just a few differences.

The thing I noticed the most was the rhythm. The Bikram dialogue is definitely rhythmic, and with most teacher you can predict things really well, almost too well. You can get stuck on "auto pilot" if you're not paying attention. However, Dray has his own unique rhythm which makes it impossible to do his class on "auto pilot." He follows the dialogue fine, but you can't tell from his cadences exactly when he'll end the posture. Which means of course, that you have to pay attention! This is a good thing.

The entire universe has a rhythm of course, whether people are aware of it or not. Life has a certain rhythm and is predictable in many cases. When the rhythm changes, it can cause all kinds of chaos, both good and bad. I never like to get too stuck in a particular pattern, as life then becomes too boring. So indeed it was a nice change of pace to have Dray teach again.


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