Tuesday, January 12, 2010

180 Minutes

159 classes in 154 days.
12 classes in 11 days in the 101 challenge.

As you can tell from the numbers above, I did a double last night! Back to back, the 5 and 7 PM. I certainly wasn't planning to do this when I went to class at 5. However, the 5 PM went really well and during that class, I started thinking about doing a double. Then after class, one of my best friends showed up for the 7, so that was the clincher. The 7 PM went just as smoothly as the 5, and it really felt like a continuous 180 minute class, rather than two separate classes. That's when doubles are a lot of fun.

At the 7 PM, the teacher asked how many people were doing a double, and like 6-7 raised their hands! They were all making up a class on their 30 day challenge. I was the only person not making up a missed class. I just do doubles for fun, because I'm crazy like that:)

As a note, the 5 PM class was one of the fullest I've ever seen. There's something like 80 people doing the 30 day challenge at my studio, which is really cool. I couldn't go to my usual part of the room, which is fine. I don't mind switching things up a little bit. I ended up staying in that same spot for the double too.

Hope I'm not too wiped out and tonight's class goes Ok!



  1. That's awesome about the double. The unplanned ones are the absolute best! Hey, I saw Sheri up at Summerlin yesterday. I went up for 5 and she taught the class before. I was green with envy as yogi's staggered out of the 3pm all sweaty and red faced. She gave them a run for their money Sheri style!!

  2. She doesn't fool around. It's absolutely impossible for me to slack off on postures when she teaches:)

  3. I loved the I do doubles for fun comment. Brilliant stuff and good on you for the extra class in the bag.

  4. Yay for doing doubles for fun! It's awesome that you had two smooth classes in a row. And practicing with a good friend just makes it all the better!