Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Exciting Times Ahead

174 classes in 169 days.
27 classes in 26 days in the 101 challenge.

How ironic that the I just read DancingJ's blog right before writing mine, since I was already planning to write about the Advanced Series. But from a different perspective, since I haven't taken it - yet.

My studio happens to offer the Advanced Series three times per week, and is the only place in Vegas that offers it. It's not advertised or anything, but regulars certainly know about it. I've been interested in this for a few months, and I've even had people who take the class tell me I should do it. So last night after class with Sheri (she leads the Advanced Class), I talked to her about doing it. Her reaction surprised me a little bit. She just calmly said that yes I was going to do it, and she wanted me to start taking it a few months before competition starts. That would be around September or October, so she wants me to start in the summer, like June. I like the timing of this, as it gives me a few more months of daily practice with the "normal" classes before I dive into Advanced. Sheri also showed me some interesting stretching things to do after class each day which will help me.

Oh, did you catch that I'm competing this year? I mentioned this to a few teachers last month that I was thinking about this. Apparently, it's now an accepted fact that I'll be doing it!



  1. That is awesome! It must be amazing to see the growth in your practice. Good luck preparing, can't wait to read about it =)

  2. Greg, that's exciting news!! It's great that your studio offers Advanced Series classes. What would your advanced pose be if you were to compete today?

  3. Yes, I knew that we were thinking along the same lines at the same time. I was thinking about that post for a couple days. ;-)

    I think you failed to mention that you were competing this fall! Haha. In that case, yes, of COURSE you're gonna start advanced, it is part of your training! 3 months before comp is the perfect time to start. See, I knew you were in good hands over there! Exciting news. You will love it. And wow, 3 class times a week, that is such a luxury....

  4. Yes! I am so glad you are going to compete! I am so excited for you! You're practice will move to a whole nother level this summer!

  5. Thanks everyone.
    Cirita - No idea on the advanced postures I'll be doing. You're thinking further ahead than me!
    J - Yeah, the competition thing pretty much nails it for me doing Advanced. And once I'm in, you know I'm not going to stop:)
    Jen & BYC - Thanks. I'll have plenty to blog about this summer!

  6. Ohhh I just realized that you have to choose the 2 asanas from the 84 advance postures not just the 26. That's why I asked. Wondering what's your best posture right now? OMG Greg. Good luck ;)