Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Day After

160 classes in 155 days.
13 classes in 12 days in the 101 challenge.

I kind of figured Tuesday's class would be a little rough, after my double on Monday night. I was right, but it wasn't awful by any means. I was pretty happy, all things considered. Standing Series was pretty good, floor series not so much.

One interesting note. Sheri taught yesterday and she makes a point to NOT tell people to step to the back of their mats in Balancing Stick. She's told us before that it doesn't help anything in the posture. Most of the other teachers I've had tell us to go to the back of our mats for that posture. So yesterday I stayed put, while most other people moved back out of habit. Sheri then said, "Well at least I've got one person trained correctly."

I don't know if "move to the back of your mat and towel" is part of the dialogue or not. I'm curious what other people have experienced with this posture. I can't tell one way or the other if it really matters for the posture either. I'd like to hear a little feedback on this.



  1. It could be a spacing issue. I've always been instructed "move to the back of your mat for balancing stick". This way we don't end up in our neighbor's space. I'm not sure about other reasons for moving.

  2. Maybe it would be bad if you happened to be more near the front of your mat and your neighbor to the north of you was not. Might get kicked in the nose. DancingJ will have the dialog answer for you! You know she will! :)

  3. I think it must be a spacing issue.
    "My studio" is kind of full right now and if people wouldn't be standing in the same place for that one everybodis hands and feet would be in eachothers way.
    We even have to move back and forth in Halfmoon so that everybody will have a chance to go down as far as they want.

  4. Yeah, it's not dialogue, it's just spacing. So it's individual to the studio. In some small and crowded studios (like Cristina's or like my old one on Lincoln St in Boston) it is really necessary, and in other studios it doesn't matter at all. It's in the same category as the "one person forward, one person back" thing that a lot of studios have to do for the separate leg series - just a little something that helps organize the room. :)

  5. Funnily enough I bumped into this spacing issue today. I just couldn't figure out what was different, but my hands way up the calf of the person in front of me. What a good reason to keep our arms up above your ears where they belong.

  6. YAY for being the person trained correctly :) It is so easy to just move on autopilot, but it is much more disciplined to follow the instructions exactly! As for balancing stick, I agree that the purpose of stepping back is to create more space--because most people are pretty near the top of their mats for standing head to knee and standing bow.

  7. Ok, the spacing issue makes sense. I think what my teacher is trying to avoid is unnecessary movement between the postures. So if you don't have to move around, then don't. More often than not, I don't have to move anywhere before that posture.