Thursday, January 21, 2010


169 classes in 164 days.
22 classes in 21 days in the 101 challenge.

Well I still have my cold, but I went to class tonight. I felt like I had a knife stuck in my head for most of the class. Good news is the headache went away at the end of class, bad news is my cold sucks. Since the 101 challenge started I've had two colds and a head injury! It's not like I started the 101 challenge after a long break or something! Maybe I'll just blame it on the weather. We've had four days straight of rain here in Vegas. My body doesn't respond well to changes in the weather. Maybe that's a lame excuse, but I think I'll go with it.

All I know is if I can physically walk through the doors of my studio tomorrow, I'm going to class.



  1. Greg Greg Greg....I'm struggling right now. All I have to do is come over here to your blog and look at your numbers.
    And I will say the same to myself tomorrow: If I can walk, I'm going to walk through the doors of a bikram studio.
    You are amazing my friend!!!

  2. Thanks! It helps to get encouraging words, especially when I feel like this.

  3. Stay strong! It's hard enough to do what you are doing healthy, but with a cold it's even more difficult. Just take it a posture at a time. Trick that alway helps me passed down from my grandmother: Juice a whole lemon into a mug, pulp and all. Add hot water and a little sugar. Drink. Give it a shot. Oh and a clove of garlic kills viruses too! Good luck my friend and feel good :)

  4. Greg, I am saying the same to myself too. I don't have a headache nor a cold but this rain is killing me. Hope you feel better soon. All the sweating will take care of it!!

  5. Thanks guys. The cold is slowly going away...