Sunday, January 17, 2010

Don't Try this at Home

165 classes in 160 days.
18 classes in 17 days in the 101 challenge.

Wanna really spice up your practice? Try doing what I did over the weekend - or not. On Friday morning, I managed to roll over in my bed and slam my head into the corner of the side table, resulting in a mild concussion, a big gash in my head (luckily hard to see), and lots of blood.

So after getting that all cleaned up and going to work all day, I headed off to my 5 PM class. Why wouldn't I? You can take a wild guess how the class went. That was the closest to fainting I've ever experienced in class, and that was on Half Moon! Saturday wasn't much better, but by today's class things had sorted out Ok, and it was a fairly normal class. It's kinda interesting doing an entire class dizzy with a headache, which is what it was like on Friday and Saturday.

Ahh well, I think the class actually helped with the healing. I'm looking forward to some more normal classes this week!


  1. Oh my. I can't imagine how torturous that class was friday night all dizzy and swaying. You poor thing!!

  2. Ohhh gosh, sorry to hear about the table collision incident--darn those sharp corners! Hope it heals super-quickly. Oh, and you are totally a rock star for still going to class!!