Friday, January 15, 2010

Keeping Score

162 classes in 157 days.
15 classes in 14 days in the 101 challenge.

There were a lot less people in the class last night. After having 56 a few nights ago, it was back down to around 30. I'm sure the Friday-Sunday classes will have similar numbers. Where do all the Mon-Wed people go the rest of the week? I'm not complaining. I was happy to have a little more space and get my usual spot in the room.

At my studio there are lists of everyone on the 30 day challenge and people circle the number each time they finish a class. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, there's about 84 people. It's fun to be able and see how other people are doing on the challenge. It looks like a bunch of these people are falling behind, but my favorite part is out of these 84 people, three of them are "ahead" like I am. Only three? Oh well, I guess people don't do doubles unless they have to.



  1. Hee, experience is that very few people out there allow themselves to think a double would be a good experience. More like "a double, no way, too hard". Even if they get to the point where one day it feels good to think about a double, life gets in the way and they are off and running to "reality". Some people even think we are crazy to do 101 days...what's up with that??

  2. Doubles are sooooo much fun when you're up to it! Especially back to back. You're already nice and warmed up. There's only a small handful of people at my studio who do doubles for fun, and almost all of them are teachers.

  3. Ugh, I have a double awaiting me. No, I don't do them for fun like you! ;)

  4. It must be a fabulous feeling to be ahead :) That's awesome that there are so many people at your studio embarking on the 30-day challenge--camaraderie helps :) And I agree that the occasional double can be enjoyable!