Monday, December 28, 2009

Weekend Warrior

143 classes in 139 days.

I did classes Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday since my last blog. On Christmas the studio was closed, so that was my first day without class since the beginning of October! Yes, it felt weird. It was funny, one of my teachers told me it was good to take a day off and she's glad that the studio being closed forced me to take a day off!

But something very good happened after Christmas, which is that I think I've finally solved my weekend problem. For months, I've had a hard time with the weekend classes. I've taken afternoon classes on Saturday and Sunday, and by my standards, they were generally awful. I have no clear explanation for this. I do classes during the week at 5 PM, and they're great. I almost never have a rough class during the week, but for some reason, those afternoon classes on the weekend were like getting hit by a truck. I felt exhausted at the end of class, which is the exact opposite of how I should feel.

I went over this a bit with Sheri, my favorite teacher, and she suggested I come earlier in the day. This is something Juliana (fellow blogger DancingJ) suggested to me too. So this weekend I took 11 AM classes on Saturday and Sunday and it was great! They felt just like my normal weekday classes. My muscles were a little tighter at the beginning of class, but that went away quickly.

I've been given many possible reasons why this works out better for me, but I really have no idea what the reason is, nor do I care. I just know that the 11 AM works for me, and I'm going to stick with it. I should have taken Juliana's advice earlier...:)



  1. Julianna does have great advice! I can't wait to take her class someday....we'll have to make sure we get to her to do her first one here in vegas right after training! You and I will be front row center!!

  2. Absolutely! Of course we'll be there! Maybe I can start convincing the Green Valley owner already to put her in a few slots:)

  3. That Julianna's a smart girl...and is going to make a fab teacher! Yay for having better weekend classes :)

  4. I dunno WHY everyone's talking about me when G's teacher gave him exactly the same advice that I did. Hah. Hooray for morning classes!!

    By the way, a Las Vegas class immediately post-TT is totally in the works already. Don't worry, I will make sure you guys know about it. Just keep your fingers crossed or do eagle pose. ;-)