Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Way Out is the Way Through

120 classes in 115 days!

Do you know what's significant about 120 classes in 115 days?! It's four consecutive 30 day challenges! Happily, class went well today. I would have been annoyed if class # 120 was a rough one. Roberta taught, and sure enough, she whipped out the yardstick again! She only used it a little bit to correct postures tonight, but I avoided it. Also, my leg felt a lot better today, which leads to the topic of this blog (and the title).

Yoga is about the only thing I know which can cause you pain, soreness, etc, but also heals anything negative it might cause. Think about that for a minute. What else in this world can do that? If you get hurt playing basketball, it's going to make things worse if you just play more basketball. Drinking more alcohol doesn't solve any problems from drinking in the first place. More drugs don't solve a drug problem. More food doesn't help someone lose weight. More war doesn't solve war. See where I'm going with this?

This yoga is so amazing because even if it temporarily causes you some discomfort, it always gives back tenfold.



  1. Ah, thank you Greg! My post is all "bummer, things are sucky" and your post was just what I needed to read. Thank you! You are right, I once said in a post, "Yoga fixes everything....if you let it".
    Yoga fixes yoga hurts and all other hurts. I needed that reminder today.

  2. Yes, I agree 100%. Supposedly, there is one more thing that causes a lot of pain and soreness but cures it all as well: a Vipassana Meditation course. But this normally last 10 days!! In my to-do list as well !! I just don't know I could keep quiet for 10 days :)

  3. Indeed: yoga can be difficult at times, but in the end, we never regret pushing through a strenuous class because we feel so much more refreshed afterward.

    "No one ever said it would be easy. They just said that it would be worth it."