Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spreading the Word

130 classes in 125 days.

Had a very fun weekend with some friends from out of town. Of course, that doesn't mean I missed any Bikram classes. The rest of my life just gets re-arranged around my classes:)

As far as Bikram goes, my favorite thing from the weekend was that a girl I was talking to about it showed up for class on Saturday. She bought the week intro. She had done 3 or 4 classes at some other studios, but it had been a while and I wanted her to come check out Green Valley. She did really well, and got lots of attention from the teacher that day. It makes me soooooo happy to get people on board with Bikram. She was very happy and thanked me for getting her there. Let's see how she does in her intro week. I want to make another fanatic!

As as my own practice, I'm kind of in a stuck place again. That's ok, I've been through this before. I go everyday, so I'm not worried about being stuck for too long!


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