Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Michelle and Mei

126 classes in 121 days.

Michelle dropped by my studio today to do the 5 PM class. Recent teacher graduate (and fellow blogger) Mei taught a 3 PM class, and then took the 5 PM class. They were both great. Michelle was her usual determined self. She definitely works on each posture and doesn't take a vacation on any of them. Believe me, I see plenty of people take it easy on a few postures each class, even if they don't totally sit them out. But not Michelle, she rocks it the whole time!

Working on some tips from the Dancing J about my Standing Bow Pulling tonight. This is still a major work in progress. I can get my body parallel to the floor, but sadly, it doesn't last long. Every class is a new adventure...



  1. Tips, what tips?! I have NO TIPS, only dialogue! Haha. Love that you listen. That's so fun that you got to practice with both the girls today!

  2. Ah, thank you for the nice compliment!