Wednesday, December 23, 2009


139 classes in 134 days.

Tonight will be my last nighttime class until next Monday! Thursday there are only morning classes, then no classes Friday (Christmas), then my usual afternoon Saturday and Sunday classes.

The last few classes were fun. Stacey, the studio owner taught on Monday and then Jen, a recently graduated teacher, taught last night. Last night, right before classes, Stacey said to me, "You've gotten really good!", at which point another teacher nearby said, "That's what happens with a daily practice." Made me feel good, of course. Then Stacey set up next to me in the front row last night. I was between her and Nita. Lots of energy there for sure!

No blogs for the next few days. Everyone have a great holiday!


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  1. Have a great Holiday Greg! Morning class for me tomorrow too...sigh...Have fun!