Monday, December 21, 2009

Wall Walking!

137 classes in 132 days.

Ok, so a few days ago I was introduced to something that has already produced a lot of fun and helped my practice a lot. It's called "wall walking" (at least here). Nita showed me how to do it and a few people do it here. She told me it wasn't broadly known about it, and she even showed different people at teacher training about it. There are probably about 5 people at my studio that I see do this on a regular basis.

It's basically a back bend into the wall and then you continue to back bend and "walk" down the wall with your hands until you get your hands on the floor. Then you "walk" back up the wall. It's a fantastic back bend and really helps with other back bends in your normal practice. It's also great for opening up the shoulders. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this without someone showing you how to do it. I'm curious how many of you know this already.

It's a lot of fun, and I'm doing it before class now. I also do it at home and other places, including a restaurant Saturday!



  1. hahaha wall walking in a restaurant. What a BY nerd :)

  2. ooh wall walking always looks so incredible when I see other practitioners do it... such a balance of strength, flexibility, and control. I've tried wall walks before, but I've only managed to make it about halfway down the wall before I feel insecure and hesitant, and come back up! So much of it is mental, a resistance to letting go...

    Wall walking is definitely a fantastic addition to the practice though; it's awesome that you're enjoying it!