Tuesday, December 8, 2009


125 classes in 120 days.

Tonight the person who introduced me to Bikram Yoga practiced with me. I talk to her and see her all the time, but we haven't practiced together in a while. Plus Sheri was teaching, so I was highly motivated tonight, and I had a great class. I pushed like crazy, didn't feel the heat, and went deep into a lot of postures.

Having her in class with me just reminded me again how grateful I am to her for introducing me to this yoga. She factually saved my life. I'm sure everyone has an interesting story about how they found this yoga, but I will never forget my dear friend who opened this door for me.



  1. coming to GV tonight. You taking the 5pm class? I hope sheri's teaching! I could use a good butt whooping Sheri style. :)

  2. Yup. My story is my sister was yipping at me for a long time before I finally broke down and took that first class. I tell her all the time how grateful I am to her for introdcuing me to Bikram. We don't get to practice together much either due to different schedules. But when we do it's great!

  3. Greg, you sound like you had an absolutely fantastic class! Isn't it so incredibly powerful to practice with the person who introduced you to this yoga? It's sort of like you come full circle, in a sense. :)