Wednesday, December 16, 2009


133 classes in 128 days.

I've had a lot happening yoga-wise over the past few days, so I'll spread things out over a few blogs. I haven't missed any classes, so don't worry about that:)

This past weekend, I had various friends come from out of town. One of them has actually done a few Bikram classes in L.A. She was pretty excited to hear I had become a Bikram fanatic. She started asking me lots of questions about, the postures, etc. And I had no problems answering her questions, and I realized along the way how much I actually know about the subject so far. Obviously the teachers talk a lot everyday, but I never considered how much of the knowledge has now become a part of me. It's second nature now, and of course I keep learning more all the time. It was a lot of fun to rattle off data about the postures, their internal and external benefits, etc. I guess I've been paying attention in class!


  1. You've been paying attention in class because you are destined to go to training someday ;)