Thursday, December 3, 2009


119 classes in 114 days.

What an annoying day yesterday. I ended up getting off work a little late and was rushing to get to my 5 PM class when I ran into horrible traffic on the freeway. There was an accident and so traffic was stopped up for a few miles. So I ended up not making it to the 5 o'clock class. I suppose I could have gone in about 5 minutes late, but I've never done that and didn't want to.

So I took the 7 PM class. The only times before I've taken a 7 PM class were my very first class ever and then later as the second class of a doubles. I might as well have taken a double, because the class felt like a double. This is one of those classes where I really had to pay attention to the teacher, because I kept forgetting which posture I just did! I just wasn't totally in the room today. My leg still hurts, my teeth (?) were hurting, etc.

Hopefully I can make the 5 PM today...



  1. Some days it's good enough just to have made it. Teeth hurting....hunh. Strange!

  2. Oh yes...I think we have all been in that exact same spot before. Fun? Nope. But makes us appreciate the great days even more. Teeth hurt? hmmm...maybe you are coming down with a cold. Sinus pressure too? Anyway, hope practice is better today and take care of that leg!

  3. Aghghgh, one of those days. I had a rough one too :( Hey, at least you made it to class. Teeth hurting, really?

  4. Yeah, the teeth thing is definitely weird.

  5. Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue...