Thursday, February 4, 2010

Swimming in Heat

182 classes in 177 days.
35 classes in 34 days in the 101 challenge.

The trend of crazy humidity continued last night, with it being over 60% in the room. The class was once again packed, with 61 people in there. This is always a recipe for high humidity and last night didn't disappoint. I was fine, and oddly enough, got stronger as the class went on and had a very good floor series. One of the students in the back fainted right as we went to the floor after standing series. It was her first class. What's cool is she went out of the room for a little bit and came back and finished the class! Love to see that, especially from a new student. Let's see how high the humidity gets tonight...



  1. You guys are hard core over there. I'm a bit jealous. Going up to summerlin tonight for my own version of hard core! :)

  2. Puh that is hot! I was hot in my class tonight and then I thought about your class last night and decided that we don't have that hot. If you can make it, I can. :)

  3. Your practice sounds really's really hot, yet you are strong and getting stronger. It will be interesting to observe and see where the path goes now.

  4. eeek... me no likey night classes..