Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't Ask This Question

199 classes in 192 days.
52 classes in 49 days in the 101 challenge.

Here's a question I'm not sure I should bother asking my teachers - "Should I do a double today?" What do you think they tell me? Last night before taking the 5 PM I asked Jennifer if I should do a double and take the 7. Guess what she said? Of course, Jen is a teacher I'm happy to take a double from. Not because she's "easy", but because no matter how wacked out my body might feel, she still makes the class enjoyable. It takes a really good teacher (and a special person) to do that.

As for the second class itself, yeah it was a bit rough. It helped that Jen was teaching and also I was in the front row next to Nita, a 19-year old recent teacher graduate yogini Goddess. She was doing her THIRD class of the day (two beginning and one advanced), so I couldn't feel too bad.

The class after my last double went Ok, so hopefully tonight's class will too:)



  1. Holy crap Greg, Nita's like a little machine. If you can keep up with that girl you're doing pretty damn good! I love that you are "ahead" in this challenge. I have two doubles to do still. I'm going to do one this weekend. Not back to back though. It just hurts me too much. Kudos to you for doing them "just because". You're a rockstar!!

  2. Yeah, it helps when I have friends pushing me to do doubles. I have one teacher who asks (tells) me to do a double every time I see her!

  3. how the hell do people practice so much????? i'm jealous, envious, etc....i really don't think i could do doubles all the time or triples at all! wow, you are all so inspiring! i love jen!!!! she friggin rocks, great class!! you both are doing SO great!!!