Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun Times

196 classes in 190 days.
49 classes in 47 days.

I took the 5 PM yesterday with Sheri last night and she was in good form. She has a great sense of humor and last night she was great. Making jokes and taking pictures during class! She took a picture before class and then threatened to take a picture of everyone during second set of Triangle when people were looking sad. And guess what? She did! She took a few pictures while people were dying on the floor and looking miserable. At least I was smiling!

The most amazing thing during class was during Standing Bow. There was a newer student who was dying and starting wandering around the room and finally headed to the door. Sheri intercepted her and was talking to her in the back of the room for a little bit - and kept delivering the dialogue and making corrections on students! I'm not even sure how she could see anyone. That's some good teaching.



  1. Sheri's pretty darn awesome. I'm jealous!!! :)

  2. I want to see those pictures she took! She threatened to put them up on Facebook. We'll see...

  3. We had a teacher the other day who threatened to take pictures of us during the end of the class and make us use them as our profile picture - In other words, we didn't smile enough.

  4. Those would be some nice profile pics!