Thursday, February 18, 2010

Progress, I Guess

197 classes in 191 days.
50 classes in 48 days in the 101 challenge.

I've been getting a bit frustrated recently with some of my standing series postures. I felt like I was getting worse on a few postures, mainly Standing Bow and Balancing Stick. I've been falling out more often the past few weeks. Of course, I've been going deeper and with Balancing Stick, I've been doing the posture correctly, you know, body down, leg up, looking like the letter "T", etc.

I went over this with the teacher after class and she pointed out the obvious. She said, "When you do the postures correctly, it's a lot harder." Using the Balancing Stick example, if you DON'T get the body down, leg up, looking a "T", it's not too hard to hold it for the full ten seconds. But doing it correctly, especially right after Standing Head to Knee and Standing Bow, is definitely harder. She described what I'm experiencing as good progress, so I'll take it:)



  1. Greg~ don't get frustrated. I too have suddenly been falling out of balancing stick ALOT esp on the left side. I do look like a T though when I'm in it and not falling. What you are going through is normal!

  2. Perhaps what is actually happening when you feel like you're getting worse in a posture is that you're building a stronger foundation at the core of the posture (rather than just depth), so in time, your overall posture will only improve. And indeed, the right way is the hard way... :)

  3. Welcome to my world - I can't hold my postures for shit! I agree with what they all said - a longer posture is not a better posture. It's better to come down and fall out than to never come down at all!! There are no points for beauty; only points for doing it RIGHT.

  4. These are good comments to hear. I don't feel so bad for falling out a lot! I'll just keep trying the right way!

  5. i've noticed every time i get into a great standing bow(still can't get close to getting my leg straight up at all though) i always fall out a little bit after that "high" point of my posture.. but if i make it a so so looking posture i stay in it.. so it's totally true. remember when you do a posture 99%right it's 100% wrong!:) so do it the correct way, then the balance will come!