Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Reversal

217 classes in 209 days.
70 classes in 66 days in the 101 challenge.

I've discussed my weekend class problems in the past, as the Saturday and Sunday classes have always been a little rougher for me. They were downright awful when I did afternoons. I've been doing 11 AM's pretty consistently on the weekends for the past few months. It's definitely better, but still not as good as my weekday night classes.

There is one odd benefit, which showed up well this weekend. For my "normal" classes, I'm either about the same or more tired on the floor series compared to the standing series. However, on the weekends, the opposite seems to happen. I feel somewhat close to death during the standing series, and then much better on the floor series. The postures don't look magically better or anything, but I feel good. For those weekend morning classes, there are three factors I run into. One, my muscles are tighter, but then get warmed up nicely by the floor series. Two, for whatever reason, I have a harder time with the heat early on. I get used to it fast, but during the week, I'm fine with the heat right from the beginning. Three, I'm more dehydrated early on. The water I drink before class and during standing series starts to kick in around the floor series.

I'm still trying to figure out how to make these weekend classes smooth right from the beginning, but those classes make it very real to me why we're told the standing series is the warm-up for the "real yoga" in the floor series.



  1. I've really noticed that Monday mornings are always a challenge for me. No matter whether I practice on Sunday or make sure I'm hydrated. I still haven't been able to figure out why.

    I hope you're able to work around it.

  2. Just enjoy the fact that you get to work your body in a different way.

  3. I love how we try to figure out time of day, what we ate, hydration, etc. Almost like a science. In the end, that room does with us what it will....