Monday, March 22, 2010

In With the New

233 classes in 223 days.
86 classes in 80 days in the 101 challenge.

Ok, so this is the post I wanted to write last week, but was derailed because I was sick.

Last week, we had a wonderful new studio open up in Las Vegas, it's called West Side. So we're now back to three studios in the city. A number of the teachers from Green Valley are over there, so I was asked to come by during the first week. They had a great promotion going where all classes were free during the first week, so I went to two classes, one on Sunday (the opening day of the studio) and Tuesday. Both of them taught by Marie, one of my favorites.

After the Sunday class, I said to Marie, "It's definitely not like Green Valley. We've been really well trained over there." Like most studios I imagine, Green Valley has a nice core of regulars. They're not all crazy like me and come everyday (but there are others like me), but it's a solid group of people that practice regularly. It's not so much that we practice a lot, but anyone who practices at my studio regularly has a very key trait - discipline.

At the new studio, there were more people leaving the room and coming back than I can remember. Not to mention the water discipline and talking that was going on. I can go a few WEEKS at Green Valley without seeing anyone leave the room, even brand new people. At one point in my class Tuesday, the entire room was sitting out a posture except for the three people in the front row (including myself). And yes, all three of us in the front were Green Valley students. In case you're wondering, not all of these students at the new studio were brand new. A lot of them were from the previous studio in town which no longer exists as a Bikram Yoga studio.

I realized a few things from this experience. One, it definitely takes hard work and persistence from the teachers to instill the necessary discipline in students to get the full benefit from the practice. These various "rules" are just there to help us get the best out of our practice. They're not arbitrary or meant to punish anyone. Second, it makes me care even more about my own discipline in class, because it became really obvious to me how much harder it can be to practice in a room where people are talking, wandering around, etc. So by having a good practice myself, it makes things easier for everyone else around me. In fact, I've even been asked to come over there sometimes just because I set a good example for others.

The teachers at the new studio are great, so I'm sure they'll slowly but surely turn these students into people with a great practice, and it should be a lot of fun along the way.



  1. The "discipline" at the ahem, old studio is gone with Roberta's departure. So some of them were showing their bad habits up at westside.
    Not me though. I always have been and always will be hard core! :)
    the westside staff will straighten all of that out in time....

  2. Discipline is definitely next on my list of things that needs working on. I've let so many things slide doing all my doubles and stuff. I need to get back to the every set, no water mentality.

    Having seen some of the GV people I must say they do have a very disciplined practice. But then again so does everyone when Bikram is teaching, he wouldn't let anything slide.

  3. It's all about discipline for me too. I had created some bad habits in the classroom though, like always drinking water during certain poses, not because I am thirsty but out of habit. I am trying to break those habits.

  4. we do have a great studio at gv... at westside i love the big locker rooms, the electronic lockers, and the view of the mtns... so much, oh so much:) it's nice to get ready after showering without people bumping into you! but you are right.. gv is our home:) small, but disciplined:)