Monday, March 1, 2010

Change in the Weather

209 classes in 202 days.
62 classes in 59 days in the 101 challenge.

Over the past few weeks, my studio has been having, uh, "issues" with the temperature and humidity in the room. I've experienced quite a variety of temperature and humidity conditions, with everything from high heat, high humidity to low heat and low humidity and everything in between. Mostly it's been high humidity with various temperatures. When I say high humidity, I'm talking 60% and up. Think rain forests or Florida swamps.

This has led to some uncomfortable classes and various complaints from students. Not to mention a lot of drama in the classes themselves and of course the drama and complaints are very annoying to the teachers. Here's the thing, it's impossible to make everyone happy. In a typical class, you'll have some people who are fine with the temperature, people who are too hot and people who are too cold, so somebody can always have complaints.

The recent fluctuations in the temperature have managed to cause one thing with me. I don't care anymore, and this is most definitely a good thing. Yes, I notice the conditions in the room, but now I just acknowledge it and move on. If my focus is good, which it usually is, then it doesn't matter at all what the room is like, and I've been improving on this a lot in recent weeks. Of course, totally crazy extremes can still throw me "off my game", but for the most part, do what you want with the temperature. The postures and breathing are what matters to me.



  1. "I don't care" attitude can be good sometimes. Hi There, I'm your new follower. Just started blogging about my new yoga adventure, Bikram. Enjoyed reading your older posts. Looking forward to your visit to my blog. Namaste

  2. Great! Thanks for following. I'm now following your blog as well!

  3. You are totally turning into a machine. :)
    BTW~ I had Jennifer on Saturday. She

  4. Jennifer's great isn't she? I'm sure she kicked your ass, but with a smile:)

  5. G~ You'll appreciate this: as she was ROASTING us people were putting their arms down and moaning second set of half moon. She said "it's too early for yoga drama!"
    God I love that girl! I was WIPED out when she was done with us!