Friday, March 26, 2010

The Perfect Answer

237 classes in 227 days.
90 classes in 84 days in the 101 challenge.

A few days ago in class there was a woman who was having some knee issues. She had a lot of knee pain recently and was talking to the teacher about this before class. During the class, the teacher would ask her a few times how her knee felt during some postures and the girl would answer.

When we got to Standing Separate Leg Head To Knee Pose, the teacher again asked her how her knee was doing, to which she replied, "I don't know! I can't think!" The teacher then said, "Good answer." I laughed. It wasn't a good answer, it was the perfect answer. It means she's doing the class correctly, and the teacher's doing a great job. If you're too preoccupied with the postures to worry about physical difficulties, that's a good thing, and it's a credit to both the student and teacher.



  1. Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.............................................

  2. I had Summer for the first time Sunday. She was awesome! I had a strong class! I love the Westside teaching staf.....I just signed up for three months....