Monday, April 5, 2010


247 classes in 237 days.
100 classes in 94 days in the 101 challenge.

You can see from the numbers above that I'm at 100. So tonight will be 101 for me. The real question is will I be done with the 101 challenge after tonight? I know this is a contentious point amongst various people. Is a 30 day challenge 30 classes in a row, or just 30 classes in 30 days? At my studio, it's just 30 classes in 30 days.

Regardless, I'll be there Tuesday for 102, but I'm curious if people think getting to 101 in 95 days completes the challenge or not...



  1. I would say so!!!! Congratulations on such an endeavor!

  2. I believe it was all agreed before hand that it was 101 classes in 101 days. Since the challenge is so long, odds are heavily stack towards needing a day off.
    I decided to go with the days for my personal interpretation only after I finished the 101 classes. Just because I hadn't missed a day yet. So why start slacking that close to the finish line. :-) But I'll be equally happy if I wasn't able to take another class.

    And, Congratulations!

  3. I think so!
    But, selfishly, I think I said before I'd have to "borrow" some classes from you, so please keep going for me... :)

    Although you talked about a day off, I suspect you will just keep's now in your blood!

  4. Of course I'm not taking a day off:) I'll finish up the 101 days (in a row), and then finish off the 30 day challenge at my studio, and then... I'm sure I'll keep going. But a day off is in the future after that.

  5. I don't think it MATTERS, one way or another... just as long as you're doin' the yoga...