Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Challenge?!

243 classes in 233 days.
96 classes in 90 days in the 101 challenge.

I'm five classes away from hitting 101 and 11 days away from doing 101 classes in consecutive days in the challenge (which is what I wanted to do). So I'm thinking that I would take a day off somewhere after the 101 days, but then... My studio is starting a 30 day challenge today (April 1). It's not like I can turn this down! Plus I worked out with the studio owner to get a t-shirt when I finish! I can't pass up a free t-shirt, I've been asking for one for the last few challenges!

So it looks like I'll be continuing a little longer after the 101 is up. Not like I was going to stop anyways, but no day off until at least May!



  1. I never thought you would consider a day off! You seem to just be in the yoga you think you would miss it if you did take a day off? Guess we won't find out until May...or sometime in the future...maybe...

  2. That is awesome. I was thinking about taking a day off as well. Have jokingly been answering the "what will you do after?" question with "maybe a 30 day challenge, haven't done one for 2 months".

  3. I mean, technically I could take a day off in April and still finish the 30 day challenge. But there's something more satisfying about doing it consecutively.

  4. It's like me, this Monday I started a 30 day challenge with the studio. It feels good to do a 30 day challenge to kind of smooth of this long challenge with.