Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Demolition

Ah, Saturdays. Many people get to enjoy a lazy Saturday morning and ease into the day. No work, no worries. Not me. You see, I have to work on Saturdays from 11AM-3PM. No big deal, except my studio's last class of the day is at 3 PM. My only choices are 5 or 7 Am (which is unthinkable), or 9 AM. So I do the 9 AM. During the week I practice at 5 PM (and 7 if I do a double). That's generally the highlight of my day and I am very enthusiastic about going.

Saturdays are a different story. I don't look forward to this class. I'm not a morning person. It takes me a while to fully wake up. And for whatever reason, my joints are much tighter in the morning, so the beginning of class is always an adventure. But of course, as the class goes on, I loosen up, and things generally go Ok. I always feel great at the end, which is why I continue to go to this Saturday torture.

Our teacher (Chasity, one of my favorites) was wearing a costume today (Halloween after all) so that was fun. People like to do different things before class, chat with other students, lay in Savasana, whatever. Me, I warm up, and like to take the chance to go over specific postures with the teachers. Today Chasity and I went over Rabbit pose. She watched me do it and corrected a few minor points. But those minor points are what makes the difference. Going over individual postures with teachers before or after class is some of the most valuable use of my time each day. It's really helps improve my practice, rather than just listening for corrections in class.

Since my last blog yesterday morning, I've done two more classes, and that puts me at 86 classes in 82 days since I started. And I finished the 30 day challenge yesterday that our studio was doing! Now my next immediate goal is 100 since I started, but that's going to be pretty easy.


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