Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Maze of UNLV

Bikram class # 83 in 79 days. Went better than yesterday, considering my hamstrings were more cooperative. I went deeper in some back bend related things, like Camel, which always makes me happy. I'm totally envious of people that can do great back bends!

I'm getting used to the front row. It took me a while to start going there. I finally realized the most important thing about the front row is to set a good example, not sitting out postures, not taking water at weird times, etc. Am I the best at doing the postures? No, but I do set a good example. I do notice people behind me checking out my postures from time to time, so I figure that's a good thing.

On another note, I got to wander around UNLV today trying to find a person to give me a check for some work our company did. UNLV has some nice buildings - and some not so nice buildings, i.e. glorified trailers.

Oh yeah, World Series Game 1, totally boring. Phillies will win this thing in 5 I imagine. And the Cavs lost again. They're 0-2. Should I start panicking?



  1. Greg,
    Welcome to the front row! I LOVE the front row. Not because I have rockstar postures (I don't) but because I love the energy up there and the proximity to the mirror. It helps me tremendously with balancing series. It really is about setting a good example. I don't take a hand towel in. It's just me, my mat and my water. I don't fidget, don't wipe, don't drink water at inappropriate times. I do believe this helps the newbies, to see this level of discipline. Bikram is very much about discipline! :) Rock it out up there Greg! I'm going down to teacher training this sat to take the 8am. You should consider it! Drop me a comment on my blog if you decide to go. We can meet IRL. :)

  2. Thanks Michelle! No hand towels for me, either! I wouldn't dream of it. If I don't feel the sweat dripping all over my face, it doesn't feel like I'm working very hard! Some of our teachers give people a very hard time if they use hand towels.

    8 AM Saturday won't work for me, but we should definitely set up another time. I love meeting Bikram fanatics!

  3. It is SO cool to practice behind 300 trainees! Really difficult though as you have NO mirror at all. It makes for a very challenging one legged balancing series!

  4. I know. I went to the class Bikram did on a Wednesday right before teacher training started. It was awesome! And yes, it was harder without the mirror.