Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Posture Discussion Part III - Awkward Pose

278 classes in 268 days.

Awkward Pose:
Part I:
I look forward to this one, as I get to something other than put my arms over my head in Half-Moon! Usually I can go right into this posture smoothly, although sometimes I'm a little stiff. The interesting thing about this posture is if you do it correctly, it's as much of a backbend as anything else. The obvious part about it is working the legs and the arms, but I can get a nice stretch for the lower back on it. The most common correction I get on this posture is to "fall back" more, with teachers sometimes wildly waving their arms at me to make their point!

Part II:
I'm convinced the full expression of this posture is to levitate. No matter how high up on my toes I get, I get asked to go higher up and get my knees up! I can keep the posture pretty steady without wobbly knees.

Part III:
This is the one posture I can consistently get praise from my teachers on. I'm almost always the last person to come out of the posture and I can take a LONG time coming up, much longer than the ten count the teachers use. I had strong legs before I started Bikram yoga, due to years of basketball and running. The posture was still very hard when I started, but the leg strength helps a lot. But it's only been over the past few months that I could really take a long time coming up out of the posture. It's not something I could do from the beginning.

Next up...Eagle.



  1. What he said (your chinese spam)
    Just kidding!
    I freakin' hate second part of awkward. My darn ankles wobble and I cannot seem to get up higher on my toes. Also, my feet pronate out, I have a hard time pressing the weight into the first and second toe.
    HATE this posture! :)=

  2. I don't like the second part. I always get called on this one "sit in the chair, you are up in the stool Cira, lower, lower". I used to be a runner and I have strong legs but they don't like this posture.

  3. Oh man, part 3 of Awkward. It amazes me that some folks spring up in 2-3 seconds. The longer you take, the more strength is built. It's just like lifting weights. It's easy to lift weights at rapid speeds, but REALLY difficult to slowly, very slowly, lift. And on Awkward, the biggest muscle in the body is worked.