Sunday, May 2, 2010

It Was Bound to Happen Eventually...

275 classes in 265 days.

I'll get back to the posture discussions soon, but I had to share my, uh, milestone event Saturday. I guess after 275 classes something like this had to happen. After my 11 AM class on Saturday, I got a little sick. Ok, A LOT sick. I'll spare you the details but you can figure it out. I am proud of the fact that I remained in the room the whole time, and managed to keep things under control until after class. The standing serious went well, but the floor series was ugly, and I was getting more and more nauseous and things came to a boil right after class ended.

I didn't have breakfast before class, which is unusual, plus I drank a lot of water. The room was ridiculously hot. I won't give you the specifics, but trust me, it was hot even by Green Valley standards. I think I actually OD'd on water. I didn't think that was possible, but lesson learned.

Amazingly, I returned to class this morning, because you know, I'm crazy like that. It was the first time in a long time that I've actually been scared and nervous going to class. I was smart and ate breakfast and I didn't go crazy on the water in class. I managed to get through fine, with minimal trouble. I'll be good tomorrow, going back to my normal week day routine, but I learned my lesson about eating breakfast and not going too crazy with the water!



  1. Oh yeah, yikes. That's what happens when you have too much water, not enough electrolyte. It's called hyponatermia, and it has similar symptoms to dehydration. We spent literally hours in the first week of teacher training talking about it. Basically, you should ALWAYS have some electrolyte before or after class. The rule is that you should keep a one-to-one ratio between electrolyte drinks and water, i.e. one liter Gatorade to one liter water, etc. Anytime you're drinking a lot and you still feel thirsty, ELECTROLYTE, pronto! Having too much water dilutes the electrolyte in your blood, so it has almost the same effect as being really dehydrated.

  2. Wow, thanks! That's really helpful. This will help me not "OD" on water again:)

  3. Ah, you poor thing! I'm not suprised that you stayed in the room and continued to torture yourself til you puked your guts out after class. Ya, you are crazy like that! :)

  4. Yeah, and I kept doing the postures too!