Monday, July 19, 2010

You Never Know

349 classes in 342 days.

You never know who's practicing in the room with you. Everyone has their story, and once again I was surprised by someone I see all the time. There's a woman who I've seen a lot in the room. Not every day, because she practices at different times, but I've seen her a lot.

So I was talking to her last week and I found out she's done 115 classes in a row! She's doing a 120 day challenge on her own just because she felt like it. This is someone I can relate to:) I love finding other people that are "crazy" like me (and many others who read this blog)!

Maybe I'll find some more hidden 100 day challenge people out there...


1 comment:

  1. I found that very cool as well and very humbling, I felt like such big shot until I found out how many days you have. But I feel like you can fill me in on what is ahead for me in this new adventure. I am so glad you blog about it, I wish I had.