Tuesday, July 6, 2010


336 classes in 329 days.

This past weekend I went to Southern California to see some friends over the Fourth of July weekend and I took the opportunity to check out two other studios in the area, Ventura and Santa Barbara.


I went to Ventura studio on Saturday morning. It's definitely smaller than the studios in Vegas. The room only holds about 25 people and it was packed. The teacher was good, not great and the room was a little cold, but not too bad. What stood out to me the most was the students had pretty good discipline, not doing weird things, walking out, etc. I think that's a good reflection of the teacher.

Santa Barbara:

Sunday morning I took class in Santa Barbara with Julianna (Dancing J)! The room was packed and it was HOT! Definitely hotter than Ventura and comparable to my classes in Vegas. Julianna was fantastic, with great dialog (as you'd expect) and great energy. The students were overall pretty good and there was good energy in the room. It was definitely a lot of fun to take a class from her. The room itself took some getting used to, as there are no windows in there and the lighting isn't very good, but I think one of the lights was burned out. But it was definitely a good class.

Back in Vegas now, but it was certainly a good experience checking out these other studios!



  1. Oh, I'm so homesick reading this! I moved here from Ventura! Cute pic of you and J...I'm so jealous you got to take her class!

  2. Woot!! Thanks for your lovely words, it was GREAT fun to have you there!! I know, natural lighting would be great... if ONLY! That was a good crew on Sunday morning, all the dedicated yogis are the ones who show up on the holidays!! Give my love to Vegas... ;-)

  3. Cute picture with J !! Next time, please take a longer trip down to San Diego ;)

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