Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Posture Discussion Part XII - Wind Removing Pose and Sit Up

Wind Removing Pose:

One of my favorite postures to do. It's well placed right after the first savasana and right before the spine strengthening series. For a few months I thought that "Greg, pull harder!" was part of the dialogue for this posture. I eventually did start pulling harder and now I enjoy the posture. The dialogue is pretty clear what to do but there are a few points worth noting: 1) It's one of the only postures where you don't look in the mirror at all, so you really have to pay attention to what you're doing. It helps to have a teacher look at this one before or after class as you can only partially see what's going on. 2) The grips make a big difference, with the individual legs and with both. A strong grip greatly improves the benefits.

Sit Up:

This is a very underrated part of the class. Considering you do this twelve times in class, it's worth paying attention to it. Again the dialogue is very clear what to do. If you give a good effort then you end up having some more energy for the next posture, not to mention the other benefits the stretch gives you. One thing that I've had a few teachers point out is holding it for a second or two once you've grabbed your feet. It gives a little better stretch. And the breathing is what helps give you that extra energy. The first sit up helps quite a bit to get you ready for the spine strengthening series, and you definitely need all the energy you can get for those four postures.



  1. Cool. :) I like Wind Removing pose, especially when my legs are relaxed. Good to swap the grip on the 2nd set, too.

    What I find helpful on the sit up (even though I am just starting to grab my toes with straight, locked legs), which you may be totally aware of, is to hold the breath until sitting upright.. an "L" shape, I suppose, and then the double exhale on the stretch forward. I always do better in the posture when the exhale happens as I'm in the full upright position.


  2. And we don't look at the mirror in several postures. ;)

    1. (I think that's what "one of" means.)


  3. Does anyone have an anatomical explanation of what is happening to your hips in this posture?