Friday, February 11, 2011

A Story

563 classes (19 advanced) in 545 days.

In one of Bikram's books (sorry I don't remember which) he discusses meditation and how anyone can meditate in a peaceful room with soft music playing, but the real test of meditation is if you can remain calm while driving on a jammed freeway in 110 degree weather while running late for something. Kind of like a Bikram class.

This past Christmas I was in Cleveland visiting my family. The day I returned I arrived at the airport with about 5 hours of sleep and no food. There was a big line at the check-in. Once I got through that I had to wait in a huge line to get through security and was in danger of missing my flight. So here I was, tired, hungry, having to use the bathroom and waiting in a big line with possibly missing my flight.

I was getting very frustrated and then I thought, "Well, I've certainly had classes that are a lot harder than this!" Just like that, I calmed down and stopped being tired or hungry and the line started to move faster. I made my flight on time with no problems. A true "open eye moving meditation."


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