Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Grind

539 classes (17 advanced) in 523 days.

I’ve been in a grind for the past couple of weeks with my practice. I haven’t felt good physically for weeks, I’m very tired in class and I just slog through class lately. And mentally I’m just not anywhere in the room. What’s interesting is that I’ve developed so much muscle memory for the postures that I can barely pay attention to what I’m doing and still look respectable, but teachers who know my practice can tell something is off. I had one of them earlier this week tell me that my postures looked fine but she can tell I didn’t have much energy. True enough.

This recent phenomena is a bit disturbing to me, but I’ve gone through this before. I’ve even taken a few days off in the past month and it hasn’t really handled anything. I can’t take too much time off, as my body is quite addicted to this, even if mentally I’d just as soon take off a month.

The one thing this recent experience has reminded me is that I do this yoga for myself. I only care to a certain extent what anyone else may say about my practice on a given day. I know how I feel and even though I’m feeling lethargic these days, I still get benefits and I do what I can do each day and each posture. Teachers can give corrections and suggestions and I do what I can that day. If it’s not perfect, then so be it.


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